This $4 Beauty Contraption Looks Bizarre, But It Could Be an Eyebrow Game Changer

It wouldn’t surprise us if people from the future came across all our beauty contraptions and couldn’t decide if we were all pure geniuses or… a little loony. That doesn’t matter, though, as long as said contraption makes our lives easier and gives us enviable brow game.

Case in point: this eyebrow shaper tool that Instagram user @makeupholic_moon shared. In the video post, you can watch her use the odd-looking stencil to create a perfect set of eyebrows. In addition to the tool, she used Anastasia Beverly Hills’ DIPBROW Pomade ($18,Sephora), as well as the brand’s brow palette, and an angled eyeliner brush. Makeupholic_Moon didn’t mention where she got the device, so we did a little research on our end. It’s pretty obscure, but you can find the DIY Eyebrow Template Stencil Shaping Tool for under $4 on Amazon, including shipping, and on eBay for a $1, including shipping.

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