10 Awesome Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine 

If your mom always had a tub of Vaseline on hand in your bathroom, she was on to something. There’s few things that the 150-year-old formula can’t do. The multitasking miracle cream may often take a backseat to new, sexier products on the beauty aisles’ shelves, but don’t completely discount it and leave it to gather dust in your medicine cabinet. We’ve rounded up 10 ingenious ways to use Vaseline in your beauty routine that are guaranteed to earn the blue lid tub prime real estate on your top shelf.

1. Soften Dry Cuticles

No cuticle oil? No problem. Since Vaseline seals in moisture, rub a bit of it on dry and cracked cuticles to help repair them.

2. Tame Flyaways

If you’re in need of a quick-fix for pesky flyaways, look no further than the tub of Vaseline that’s been in your bathroom forever. Dip your hands in the jar and brush down any out-of-place hairs at the roots.

One thing to keep in mind: A little Vaseline goes a long way. If you smear too much petroleum jelly on your roots you may have flat hair, but it will also look greasy.

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3. Remove Eyelash Glue

Sure, you want your false lashes applied well so that they last throughout the night, but you don’t want them ontoo well that a few of your own lashes come off too when you try to remove the falsies. If your lash strips are being stubborn, dip a cotton swab dabbed in Vaseline along your lash line to loosen up the glue so peeling them off is pain-free.

4. Use It as a Highlighter

There may be a whole slew of products on the market that can help you get your glow on, but massaging a dime-sized amount of Vaseline on the tops of your cheekbones will also do the trick.

5. Define & Moisturize Lashes

Beauty minimalists listen up: To define your lashes sans mascara, rub a bit of Vaseline on them to make them appear thicker, shinier, and moisturized.

6. Tame Unruly Brows

Put your best brows forward by using your fingertip to rub Vaseline on them to smooth, tame, and keep them in place all day.

7. Protect Skin from Hair Dye

Dyeing your own hair may be easier on the wallet than visiting a salon, but even the most experienced DIY colorists can end up with the hair dye all over their bathrooms—and their skin. To prevent more color from ending up on your skin than your strands, rub a bit of Vaseline along your hairline to prevent dye stains.

8. Prevent Self-Tanning Mishaps

Problem areas like elbows, ankles, and wrists are what stand in the way of an even self-tanner application. Rub a bit of petroleum jelly on these spots before using your self-tanner to stop uneven absorption into the skin.

9. Stop Summertime Chafing

Summer is prime chafing season. To stop uncomfortable rubbing, apply a dab of Vaseline onto the area to minimize the friction and sweat.

10. Remove Makeup Stains from Clothing

Hands up if despite your best efforts, you still manage to get foundation or lipstick on your top when taking it on or off. Luckily there’s a quick, game-changing fix for this common makeup mishap: You guessed it, Vaseline. With a damp cloth, petroleum jelly can be used lift makeup stains from clothing as well as bedding.

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