Keeping your glass and weed smoking accessories clean is essential. You don’t want mold building up on the inside of your bong. It’s going to be hard to reverse that kind of mistake. Before things get that bad, you should be using one of the best cleaning products for weed accessories. You won’t regret keeping Read More →

Although we might not always want to admit it, yes, our abuelas tend to know best. While grandmothers are usually eager to impart wisdom on everything from relationships to career choices to health problems, they’ve also got some great beauty tricks in their arsenal, or rather, carteras. Keep reading for the nine beauty products your Read More →

In the Hindu Kush mountains craftswomen painstakingly stitch flowing scarves, skilled artisans who were unable to sell their products beyond the remote region until mobile internet came to Pakistan and dropped the market into the palms of millions of previously marginalised people. The women of northern Chitral are among the unlikely profiteers of an e-commerce Read More →

You can call them high-maintenance, but for some girls, the beauty essentials just aren’t going to cut it. After all, they’re anything but basic — they have an appreciation for the finer things in life. If you aspire to be the next Grace Kelly, own more than one gold watch, or have used the hashtag Read More →

One of the best things about going backstage at New York Fashion Week season after season is watching which products the makeup artists and hairstylists use to create their masterpieces. Many times, they are lipsticks, shadows, and liners that haven’t even hit the shelves yet — which piques our interest even more. Plus, since we Read More →