10 Best Cleaning Products For Weed Accessories

Keeping your glass and weed smoking accessories clean is essential. You don’t want mold building up on the inside of your bong. It’s going to be hard to reverse that kind of mistake. Before things get that bad, you should be using one of the best cleaning products for weed accessories.

You won’t regret keeping your smoking equipment clean. Hits from your glass and vaporizers will taste fresher, and your grinder will twist with ease.

10. ROOR Glass Cleaner

10 Best Cleaning Products For Weed Accessories

Roor is a brand making every smoking accessory you can think of. On top of grinders, torches, papers, and bongs they make a cleaning solution designed to make your bong sparkle.

The Price


The Good

Cleans glass quickly and efficiently. Doesn’t have a strong chemical smell just smells like alcohol.

The Bad

Unlike other cleaners, this one is designed for just glass and the bottle says it contains isopropyl alcohol. You can probably save yourself some money and just use isopropyl alcohol.



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