Halloween is most makeup lovers’ favorite holiday. Even for a relative beauty novice like me, the possibilities feel endless. From spooky skull-shaped products to pop culture-inspired looks so unsettlingly good we can’t believe they’re real, it’s hard to choose just onepersona for the big night. And, really, why shouldn’t you get to go out as Arya Stark and Eleven all in the same year? I got Read More →

From behind, I suppose it could look like I actually am meditating. On the floor of my bedroom I sit, legs crossed, in front of a mirror that leans against the wall. I hate doing my makeup standing up, where I become distracted by the effort it takes to remain upright, fighting the urge to shift Read More →

Being makeup-ready in today’s click-and-post era is easier than ever for many brides as more cosmetic brands incorporate technological advancements and HD-ready, finely infused ingredients into their products. “On your wedding day, strive for products offering long wear, high pigmentation and layering capabilities that are smudge-proof, filter or blur and deliver photo-ready results while giving Read More →

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