The European Union has provided guidance on the selling of products online in a bid to improve enforcement and market surveillance of the online supply chain as it moves towards a digital single market. The guidance – which focuses on non-food products – is built on the recognition that although the “rapid growth” in e-commerce Read More →

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) plans to make hallmarking of gold jewellery compulsory and, as a first step, it has proposed photocards for hallmarked jewellery. Currently, the hallmark logos on jewellery are very small and difficult to decipher. The authenticity of these logos also remains suspect. To address this problem, the BIS has proposed to introduce a photocard, of the size of a Read More →

Amid the ’90s nostalgia of 2017, no designer’s legacy is more pervasive than that of Martin Margiela. Considering that the Belgian nonconformist set out to challenge the fashion system—not just with his designs, but also with his way of conducting business—the industry’s current fixation on him is more than a little ironic. Flashback to the Read More →

These days, smartphone cameras are pretty impressive — but there are still limitations to your phone’s camera that may hold back your creative photo-snapping capabilities. From improving your lighting for the perfect selfie, to clip-on lenses for unique angles and shots, you need these five smartphone accessories to give your little mobile DSLR qualities. Check Read More →

Marilyn Monroe famously said she wore nothing but Chanel No 5 to bed – and it seems the scent is just as popular with millions of other women. New data has revealed it has been the bestselling perfume in Britain for 25 years and perfume experts believe it makes women more attractive. The scent was released Read More →

For those who are really not that high on makeup and prefer to go without it, choosing the right colour shades for yourself can be tricky. Subtle makeupwhen done perfectly can highlight your features naturally, making it look as if you aren’t wearing make-up at all. What are the shades that you can choose? From baby pinks and Read More →

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