With Céline Dion, bigger is better. From high notes to haute couture, the iconic singer always gives her audience a larger-than-life experience. Though Dion’s bombastic personality provides most of that energy, she is helped by her blingy and bold assortment of accessories. Few could pull off emerald rings the size of golf balls, sculptural diamond Read More →

Mel Ottenberg is a Certified Big Deal™ in Fashion Land, having styled Bjork and Chloe Sevigny before becoming Rihanna’s all-day-every-day outfit planner. So why is he now working with Birkenstock, the brand beloved by hot camp counselors who just dropped out of Oberlin? “Not just Oberlin—I went to Rhode Island School of Design, and I wore Read More →

Philanthropic accessories and apparel maker Simbi is heading to Evereve, the 70-store retail chain located across the country. Founded by Birgit Grossmann Coles and Lori Manuel Steed in 2013, Simbi’s products are manufactured in a solar-powered, zero-carbon-footprint factory in Haiti. Named for the Haitian water spirit, Simbi was founded after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to bring jobs Read More →

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