Year after year, you’ll find figures that state the horror faced by animals because of the leather industry. A 2019 PETA report states that most leather supplied globally comes from India and China. While the fashion industry is a major contributor, the consumer is equally responsible for considering leather as a luxe material despite the Read More →

Casetify is known for teaming up with popular brands and artists like Pokémon and Lisa Frank to create cases for personal devices, and that now extends to popular K-pop supergroup, BTS. The announcement comes just a couple of weeks after the band launched a pop-up event in Seoul, South Korea, called “House of BTS.” The Casetify collection includes Read More →

DETROIT — Before the Jeep Gladiator’s spring launch, Fiat Chrysler’s Mopar unit predicted the midsize pickup would supplant the venerable Jeep Wrangler in accessory sales. After a few months on the market, it’s done just that. Mopar said Gladiator buyers spend an average of around $1,000 per vehicle on accessories, topping Wrangler purchasers, who shell Read More →