The vintage perfume market is alive and well. Today’s collectors are considering and collecting vintage perfumes both nationally and internationally. While the scents are alluring, the design of the perfume bottles are what attracts one to a particular vintage perfume. When I started my research on vintage perfumes, it was all about the beauty of Read More →

Nothing beats the blissful sensations of scouring bins and racks at a musty-smelling vintage shop, unless, of course, it’s the blissful sensations of scouring bins and racks at a non-musty-smelling vintage shop. The physical rush that fashion obsessives experience inside a brick-and-mortar outpost selling Chanel tweeds from the 1980s and unlabeled corsets from the ’50s Read More →

Fashion hasn’t always encouraged self-expression. Before the youthquakers in their ready-to-wear togs became the norm, trends trickled down to the masses through the couture. In this schema designers were dictators. Today, individualism in dress is not only encouraged, it’s communicated via many channels. A mix of high and low is accepted rather than the exception, Read More →