Givenchy perfumes introduce one more creation for its exciting couture perfume selection with L’Atelier de Givenchy Rose Ardente perfume. Devoted to the creativity for the series with fashion designs and fabrics applied in their creations the latest Rose Ardente connects to the selection with Gaiac Mystique and Immortelle Tribal and last year’s Iris Harmonique while Read More →

Connecting to its most recent launch of Majestic Woods the house of Juicy Couture shows one more deluxe experience with Royal Rose fragrance. Juicy Couture Royal Rose is the spirit of a hundred petals of Rose centifolia with its distinctive contrasts where the atmosphere of light and the suspense of dark forever contrast with the Read More →

When Gertrude Stein wrote “a rose is a rose is a rose,” she probably wasn’t thinking about perfume.  When it comes to fragrances, rose is a coveted ingredient that is able to shape-shift; there is no one true rose scent. Instead, the flower, which mythologically bloomed from Aphrodite’s tears over her lover Adonis, plays extremely Read More →

Rose gold has gained significant acclaim in the jewellery industry and is now touted as the “chicest” hue for summer accessories, according to a Sotheby’s Diamonds report that discusses the precious metal’s rise to popularity. Rose gold is the perfect complement to a warm glow brought about by summer, with the pink tint of the gold Read More →

Victoria’s Secret has launched The Trend Collection Rose, the second quartet (the first was Citrus) in a projected series of limited edition seasonal fragrances. The fragrances include Rose Violet, Rose Caramel, Rose Bergamot and Rose Musk. Rose Violet (shown) ~ Floral. “The scent of the moment: crisp cedarwood and violet modernize classic rose, making this Read More →

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