From behind, I suppose it could look like I actually am meditating. On the floor of my bedroom I sit, legs crossed, in front of a mirror that leans against the wall. I hate doing my makeup standing up, where I become distracted by the effort it takes to remain upright, fighting the urge to shift Read More →

Customers often have a hard time while buying the right leather footwear suitable to their needs. With environmental causes and animal rights campaigns gaining momentum around the world, many are choosing to ditch real leather for synthetic leather. Ravindra Bhatia, founder of leather menswear shoe brand Egoss, and Sonia Agarwal, marketing head of another shoe brand La Briza, Read More →

From squiggle lips and brows to braided eyebrows, the beauty scene goes through changes constantly as more and more trendsetters bring in their creative side to the fore. And the latest makeup trend that seems to have taken people by storm is the reverse cat eyeliner. It’s all because of an 18-year-old beauty blogger Dahlia, Read More →

We’re entering a golden era of ethnic diversity in fashion and beauty. Rihanna’s Fenty line is going to cater for women of all colours. Kahmune’s brought out a range of nude shoes for every skin tone.   Both industries are slowly waking up to the fact that non-white women do occasionally wear makeup and want to Read More →

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