These days, smartphone cameras are pretty impressive — but there are still limitations to your phone’s camera that may hold back your creative photo-snapping capabilities. From improving your lighting for the perfect selfie, to clip-on lenses for unique angles and shots, you need these five smartphone accessories to give your little mobile DSLR qualities. Check Read More →

DJI has launched a summer sale with discounts and free accessories across its consumer product line.  DJI hasn’t launched a new product in the 3 months since news of the Spark broke: basically a drought when it comes to the Chinese manufacturer. If you’re eagerly anticipating the Mavic Pro 2 or the Phantom 5, we’ve got nothing yet. Read More →

From Alice bands or wraps to bejewelled clips, there are a host of new hair accessory trends favoured by celebrities such as Cara Delevingne. We spoke to some of the U.K.’s top hair experts to give us a run down on hair accessories to try out this season. “The season is all about hair accessories. Read More →

Dyson: A new portable vacuum cleaner for the car British company Dyson benefits from a sterling reputation for its vacuum cleaners, considered the top of the line in terms of quality and cleaning capabilities, as well as for a number of related products. An industry leader when it comes to developing lighter, more-efficient and more-powerful Read More →

Keeping your glass and weed smoking accessories clean is essential. You don’t want mold building up on the inside of your bong. It’s going to be hard to reverse that kind of mistake. Before things get that bad, you should be using one of the best cleaning products for weed accessories. You won’t regret keeping Read More →

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