Pick the right formula. Swatch test a lipstick before buying. Apply it on your hand, let it dry. Dab an alcohol-based toner on the edge of the swatch. Rub it and see how much it fades. Follow the same with a lotion. This is how you know the formula will not betray you. Don’t apply lipstick on chapped Read More →

Open the bottle and drench in it. Easy. Breezy. But how do you make sure the perfume lasts? Answer: By knowing where to spray. To smell as fresh as the morning, even at noon, or actually… at 9 pm too, here’s exactly where to spray your expensive, bottled perfection. 1. Your hair: Surprised? Don’t be. Your mane Read More →

Anofuku, a collaboration between Anrealage’s Kunihiko Morinaga, Keisuke Kanda and Studio Ghibli, updates dead stock and used clothing with Ghibli characters. | ANOFUKU Cast your mind back to the giddy days of 2010, when the group of subcultural artists Chaos Lounge issued its first proclamation. While its stated goal was earnest and postmodern, the output Read More →

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